Systems transformation requires us to openly share knowledge generated from our lived experience in demonstrating place-based solutions. We apply what we learn from our projects, and share with groups aiming to connect with community, government and industry to build regional food systems that are regenerative, socially just and economically prosperous.

Below we share some of the ingredients that make up our approach to systems change. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter fix, but there are some common principles and frameworks that underpin our work. We are developing a modular menu from which groups may wish to adapt or adopt to their unique context.

Case Studies

FCF endeavours to work in the open. By this, we mean sharing what we discover, create, and learn as we go. Here we share some fieldnotes about our proejcts, some of the knottier technical details that lie behind enterprises and ecosystems, and inspiration from some of our fellow place-led innovators.