South East Queensland Local Food Summit

July 28, 2024

Shaping a more secure food future through people, policy and plates - to 2032 and beyond

About the summit

Spanning three days in July, the inaugural SEQ Local Food Summit will gather a diverse crowd of consumers, producers, industry leaders and policy makers to foster meaningful connections and driven conversations - exploring not only why ethical, local food is vital to the health of our communities, but how we can support its production, sourcing and distribution. 

This outcomes-focussed event will create a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and sustainable solutions to shape the future of our food system.

Event outcomes

  • Catalyse real action toward the goal of at least 30% of produce consumed in Brisbane as locally grown by 2032
  • Publication of a post-event report with recommendations for action and funding to support this goal
  • An engaged, mobilised community ready for food systems change

Why now?

Why are we doing this now? Fire, floods, pandemic, panic buying, affordability - if it wasn’t already, recent years have made it abundantly clear that our food systems and supply chains are vulnerable to disruption. It’s more urgent than ever to explore how individuals, private and public sectors across South East Queensland can work together to create a sustainable food system for future generations.

While Queensland does have some government policy addressing climate adaptation for our agriculture industries, it’s mostly targeted at future-proofing export supply chains, and does little to address the needs of local communities at risk of food insecurity.

Meanwhile, consumer trends show increasing demand for affordable, ethical, healthy food that does right by the people who produce and eat it.

On the not-too-distant horizon, the 2032 Olympic Games will put all eyes on Brisbane -  presenting a unique opportunity to push for change, so the city and surrounding regions can demonstrate their green credentials through supporting a 'buy local' strategy, strengthening sustainable agriculture and food systems.

The SEQ Food Summit is an exciting opportunity to explore those possibilities at an early stage, and be involved in a well-timed movement making real change.

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SUNDAY, 28 JULY 2024

costaFeaturing special guest, author and TV personality Costa Georgiadis, ‘People’s Day’ will be a vibrant Sunday festival open to the public, kicking off the Summit with energy, hope and community support. It will include a farmer’s market, food stalls, entertainment and practical workshops - combining celebration, solidarity, and good food to inspire individual and collective action. Check out the program here.

MONDAY, 29 JULY 2024

Food Connect  5975 (1)a

Monday afternoon forum connecting ‘tastemakers’ (hospitality and retail) and regenerative farmers. The panel and workshop sessions will focus on social procurement pathways, and explore ways we can better collaborate to get more local produce into local businesses and institutions, and make ethical, traceable ingredients ‘the done thing’ - not just for high end or trendy spots. Express your interest in attending here.



An intensive conference bringing together policy leaders and decision makers for strategy and lightning talks for a more secure food future. Day 3 will be focussed on the opportunities and barriers in moving from the current state and an increase of 30% local supply by 2032, and what we need to do to make tangible progress toward this goal. This is an invitation-only event.