SEQ Local Food Summit - Industry Day

July 29, 2024

Day 2 - Industry Day

Day 2 of SEQ Food Summit is focussed on industry change - bringing together those in the business of food, whether that be growing, selling or serving it.

By connecting local farmers and wholesalers with leaders in hospitality and tourism who buy produce at scale, we’ll be drilling into the needs and challenges of these impactful value chain links, and finding opportunities to take local sourcing ‘beyond niche’ - not just for high end spots or small volume kitchens. Together, these groups hold incredible power 


Focussed on practical procurement pathways, the session will include an inspiring panel discussing how others have tackled, benefited and learned from increasing their local sourcing networks, and a workshop unearthing what each sector and individual business needs in order to make local, traceable produce standard practice. 

As a whole, day 2 aims to identify ways we can better collaborate (and what support may be needed from government) to make this happen. Key findings, challenges, opportunities and desires from the session will be taken forward to policy leaders on Day 3 of the SEQ Food Summit

In turn, attendees will be given feedback on what the wider community - families, foodies, the next generation and media - appreciate about and would like to see from them, gathered before the summit and at People’s Day. 

Networking and evening panel session

With many shared goals and potential business connections, Industry Day participants are encouraged to stay to network after the afternoon session, and invited to attend the evening event -  a brilliant line up of First Nations women who will challenge the room to learn more about indigenous foodways and ethical ways to procure native ingredients for your menus.

Please note that Industry Day is a closed session by invitation only. To register your interest, please email with a brief summary of your role, business and what you’d like to gain/contribute to the discussions.